Day Eleven: 26th July 2001

Unidentified Type VIIC

Target: Unidentified VIIC

Weather and sea conditions: Overcast, wind 1 SE

Depth: 69 metres

Underwater visibility: 25 metres

Diving report:

Another submarine wreck in astonishing visibility!

This wreck is a late-war VIIC with schnorchel to fit with conning tower trunking, and life raft canisters on the bow. Otherwise, there was little to differentiate this wreck from several other Type VIIs lost in this area.

Possible identities include U778, U281 and U825. Certainly, until several other positions in this area have been filmed, categorical identification will be impossible. However, it is possible that by working with Dr Niestle, a solution may present itself.


Tomorrow is our last diving day. We will be looking at another submarine mark 2 miles west of where we were today. Hopefully this will help to sort out the riddle of which submarine wreck is which.

We will publish a final report on our findings when we have had a chance to confer in detail at the end of the expedition. This process will involve coming up with a list of targets for Phase II, which takes place in May 2002.

Operation Deadlight Expedition Phase II will be running from 3rd to 18th May 2002. Any interested sponsors and divers should e-mail me as soon as possible. We are making history - the hard way - please support us.

Innes McCartney


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