Day Seven: 22nd July 2001


Target: U369 VIIC

Weather and sea conditions: Sunny, wind 2-3S/w

Depth: 67 metres

Underwater visibility: 20 metres

Diving report:

In excellent sunny conditions we travelled back to the Deadlight area and arrived in time to make a dive on an undived U-boat. We believed that this could be either U778 or U369.

The wreck itself is the most intact U-boat any of us have ever seen!! The conning tower retains its cladding, and all of its bridge equipment!! Really an incredible sight to see!! Again, the video images are stunning, even when considering that the divers encountered strong currents on this dive.

As for identity, the wreck has a mounting for a 88mm deck-gun, it is schnorchel-equipped, with the head having both 'bali' and the sorbothane coating. There were no life raft canisters on the bow. From this information, we deduce that this is probably the wreck of the school boat U369.

A school boat is a rare dive in British waters. It was especially pleasing to find it so intact.  


It looks as if we are in for a few days good weather, so look out for some exciting reports in the next few days.

Innes McCartney
Operation Deadlight Expedition 2001


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