Day Eight: 23rd July 2001


Target: U637 VIIC

Weather and sea conditions: Overcast, wind 5-6 SW

Depth: 70 metres

Underwater visibility: 25 metres

Diving report:

The position we dived today was likely to be U637 or U155 (which we were hoping it would be).

The diving conditions were marginal, with wind and building seas. Only 3 divers made the choice to go in. However, as with the other submarine wrecks in these waters, they were treated to a spectacular dive.

The wreck was that of a VIIC lying on its port side. The visibility was so good, the divers could see the wreck from 45 metres while descending!! Again the video footage of the wreck is simply fantastic!

A brief description of the wreckage - The bow tubes have been dragged off to one side, with all four still held together in the bow bracket. The bow end of the pressure hull marked the beginning of the main wreck. Galley hatch has fallen open, she was fitted with a schnorchel with anti-radar covering and air radar warning dipole. The conning tower hatch was shut, while the bow torpedo-loading hatch has also fallen open, revealing a pile of Kriegsmarine china in the torpedo room, which was a surprise, since we believe that allied souvenir-hunters had stripped most of these before scuttling. The bow tube has also been torn away from the wreck.

Generally this wreck was in poor condition.

Interestingly, this is the first time I have seen the racking used to hold the ready-use ammunition for the 88mm deck -gun.

Our hunt for U155 continues…..


We expect the weather to get better over the next couple of days, so we continue to explore the wrecks of Operation Deadlight - submarine diving heaven.

Innes McCartney


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