Expedition Diary

Daily diving reports will be posted here as they are received from the Phase II expedition team.
Innes McCartney's accounts of each day's diving from Phase I, including photographs taken on the dives, can also be found below.

Phase II Week 1: 4th-9th May 2002
Day 1 U1271
Day 2 U1009
Day 3 U2511
Day 4 U1104
Day 5 Unidentified U-boat
Day 6 U2056 - Type XXI

Phase II Week 2: 12th-17th May 2002
Day 7 U861
Day 8 No diving due to gales.
Day 9 No diving due to gales.
Day 10 U2506
Day 11 U1271
Day 12 No diving due to gales.

Operation Deadlight video

See more footage on Innes McCartney's video
"The U-boat Wrecks of Operation Deadlight"

Phase I Week 1: 14th-19th July 2001
Day 1 Unidentified submarine wreck.
Day 2 U2511 - Type XXI
Day 3 Unknown submarine wreck. Never dived previously.
Day 4 U861 - Type IXD2
Day 5 No diving due to gales. Instead some supplementary U-boat information and links.
Day 6 U1014 VIIC/41

Phase I Week 2: 22nd-27th July 2001
Day 7 U369 VIIC  (Probable identity later revised to U778, see Day 10 report)
Day 8 U637 VIIC  (Probable identity later revised to U281, see Day 10 report)
Day 9 U155 IXC
Day 10 U637 VIIC
Day 11 Unidentified VIIC
Day 12 Unidentified VIIC

Additional photos can be viewed on the Periscope Publishing website.