Welcome to the Operation Deadlight 2002 Expedition website.

Last year Innes McCartney led Phase I of the Operation Deadlight Expedition, the first attempt by technical divers to survey and identify the wrecks of German U-Boats scuttled by the Allies after WWII in the waters north of Ireland.

There are 54 submarines which lie within the depth reachable using today's technical diving equipment and methods, and it is believed that the wrecks of these vessels, sunk during Operation Deadlight, could in future be seen as one of the world's greatest naval heritage sites and compared to such locations as Bikini Atoll, Scapa Flow and Truk Lagoon.

The stunning footage obtained during Phase I of the expedition can be seen on the Periscope Publishing video "U-boat Wrecks of Operation Deadlight". In 2002 the expedition will return to the waters off Malin Head for a second phase of locating and diving more ot these unique wrecks.

The expedition was sponsored by the organisations shown below. Please visit the sponsors page for more information.

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Operation Deadlight Expedition Phase II ran from 3rd to 18th May 2002.

Please see the Diary pages for reports of each days diving.

" We are making history - the hard way - please support us." - Innes McCartney, 2001