Day Ten: 15th May 2002


Target: U2506

Depth: 66 metres

Weather and sea conditions: Wind 2-3. Overcast, drizzling.

Diving report:

Another visit to this most awesome of the wrecks we have found over the last two years. Further examination of the submarine reveals absolutely no damage to it whatsoever. This submarine must have simply foundered. Interestingly the stern hydroplanes are set to hard arise, probably done in an attempt to keep it on the surface. U2506 had twice run aground while being towed out of Loch Foyle.

The bridge area is complete with all the features one would expect to see in place, including telegraphs, compass repeater etc. Interestingly, the sky observation periscope is missing.

The recesses for the forward hydroplanes are in great condition, showing the planes slotted away in mooring position. The aft hatch is open, as is the torpedo loading hatch.

A seriously good U-boat dive. I rate it as my finest achievement in diving since locating the submarine HMS M1 in 1999.


We continue to wait on the weather, which is expected to turn against us later today. But we have three days to go and we'll stick at it.

Innes McCartney

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