Day Eleven: 16th May 2002


Target: U1271

Depth: 60m

Weather and sea conditions: Wind 2-3 SE, sunny

Diving report:

Another visit to this intact Type VIIC/41 U-boat. The visibility is clearing, just as the expedition begins to come to a close. However, any U-boat dive is a treat, this one especially.

Swimming around it, the divers all remarked on its condition. It has a lovely bronze UZO in the bridge and its extended sky periscope is intact too. Interestingly, the compass has been removed from the housing just forward of the conning tower.

I have been diving first on this expedition, and today, not for the first time was welcomed onto the wreck by thousands of coley. Like all of the Deadlight wrecks, the life on them is extremely plentiful.

The two new boys on the team were raving about this dive when they came up. Hehe wait till they see U778 tomorrow.


Friday will be our last official Deadlight dive until Phase III in June 2003. This year we have added five more U-boats to the list of those dived and re-visited some of our favourites. Undoubtedly the finding of U2506 has been the high point of this phase of Deadlight.

Look out for images from the expedition on The OFFICIAL video of the expeditions is available at there too.

Innes McCartney

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