Day Five: 8th May 2002

Target: Unidentified U-boat

Depth: 87m

Weather and sea conditions: Wind 2-3 westerly, overcast

Diving report:

This is the deepest dive so far undertaken on the Deadlight expeditions. We spent the morning using the magnetometer to confirm other information we possess. We located four wrecks, two of which we were certain were submarines. However at nearly 100metres, we opted for another position, which we thought may be a submarine. Its position, near to the official position for the sinking of the Type IID U149 encouraged us to give it a go. In the event we found a steamer, a certain U-boat victim for WW1. The wreck is very broken up.


We plan to search U825 tomorrow, then make a second dive on U861. The fantastic weather continues.

Innes McCartney

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